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Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Judge, 28th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


Judge’s Commentary*:


SECRET WARRIORS, PSYCHIC SPIES: REDUX by Roger Mannon is an intriguing book primarily about the author's experience with the Monroe Institute. The purpose of the institute is to work with the mind to help people discover their true selves. Before encountering this book, this reviewer had no idea the military used this institute, or these tactics, for training. Anyone who wants to know more about the military, about the author, and what it's like to undergo this type of training, will find this book a must-read.

Production-wise, the book is lovely. The cover has a wonderful texture. The silhouette of a wolf is appropriate to the author's account. The back cover copy enlightens the reader about the book, and the book lives up to its promise. The author's photo and bio are great. Endorsements would have been welcome, but because of the sensitive nature of the story, it's understandable why the author didn't seek those. However, they still would have been nice to have.

The author mentions that this copy is a redux, shortened by 20,000 words from the original. The account still holds together well. Though this reviewer didn't read the first book, the missing words aren't evident, and there don’t seem to be holes in the story. All in all, a great account that only this author could write. And, yes, this reviewer believes his story.

Secret Warriors, Psychic Spies: Redux

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