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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Everything Imaginable Podcast

 This past Veterans Day I was honored to participate in a Podcast with Everything Imaginable. An awesome site with a great moderator, Gary Cocciolillo.

I haven't done a Podcast before so have no way of knowing if the length of this one is typical or not.

It runs for an hour and a half and covers my experiences as a participant in the Center Lane Project.

Center Lane was an investigation of out-out-body experiences, the ability to induce them and train soldiers to enter the altered states of consciousness promoting access to OOB experiences at will.

The goal: to identify and recruit military intelligence professionals with the ability to explore remote locations via out of body travels.

Center Lane ultimately led to the CIA Stargate Program..This is the link to the Podcast:

EverythingImaginable Podcast

The embedded link to the Podcast is here:

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