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Monday, December 2, 2019

Psychic Warfare and the Monroe Institute

In the opening days of 1984 twenty-four American soldiers were summoned from a variety of military intelligence units around the world and brought to a remote mountaintop in the Blue Ridge of Virginia.  

Atop that mountain sat The Monroe Institute (known as the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences at the time). 

Inside the walls of the institute we would attempt to fulfill the reason for our summoning:  

To participate in the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command’s Center Lane Project. 

Center Lane, an experiment in psychic warfare, was intimately tied to the much publicized, CIA sponsored,psychic espionage unit, the Stargate Project. 

Our mandate: Learn to disassociate spirit and body. We entered altered states of consciousness, freed our minds to travel to remote locations, alternate realities, into the future.
I was one of those soldiers selected.  This is my story of the amazing events in that time and place and their impact on my life in the 30 years since.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Strange Stories

Undiscovered worlds live in the landscape of our dreams. Some are distorted reflections of our daily lives while others reveal strange new universes populated with impossible ideas, creatures from myth and legend, and newly discovered powers and abilities, seemingly magical in nature, emerging from the quantum foam.

These are the stories found in my dreams and nightmares. Some are reconstructed from fragments, left over images rapidly vanishing as the dream collapses with the morning sun. Others are fully formed tales that have invaded my sleep time and again over the years.

Dreams are portals to these unseen worlds. Join me as I step through the doorway and enter a dreamscape filled with tragedy, mystery and magic.

Strange Stories

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